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It is understood that only those who are named above will occupy the suite. Proof of tenant insurance will be required before occupancy. There are to be NO PETS or VISITING PETS allowed on the premises. Pre-authorized debit rent payment is required upon signing of the lease. This applicant offers to lease the said apartment and hereby agrees to pay a security deposit as a holding fee on the understanding that if the offer is accepted, the fee shall be retained by the landlord as a Security Deposit, to be held during the tenancy of the premises and will be refunded at termination of the tenancy pursuant to the Residential Tenancies Act, provided all covenants of the Lease Agreement have been complied with. If the offer is NOT accepted, the full deposit will be refunded; HOWEVER, if on notification of acceptance the tenant fails to execute the lease, then the said fee shall forthwith be forfeited & retained by the landlord. The landlord or his agents are hereby authorized to verify and contribute to any consumer-reporting agency any information given herein, and to obtain further information as required either before, during, or after tenancy in relation to this application for tenancy. A “RENT PAYMENT HISTORY” will be required before final acceptance of this application.

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